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NYDITOT Support Center
Welcome to the NYDITOT Support Center.  Before contacting us, please check to see if the answer to your question is here. 

Device Compatibility
NYDITOT Virtual Display is designed to work on most Windows CE based devices.  That said, there are sometimes incompatibilities on certain devices that could cause NVD to not work correctly.  You may be required to HARD RESET the device in order to restore normal operation.  This is because NVD replaces several key components at the lowest level of the operating system, namely those components which control the display and touch screen.  If these component fail for whatever reason, the operating system cannot start up successfully.

It is impossible for us to test NVD on every possible device, particularly on those devices that are no longer commercially available, so we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you perform a COMPLETE BACKUP of your device BEFORE you install NVD.  You should make a backup even if you have previously used NVD on the same or a similar (same model) device as there may exist third party software incompatibilities of which we are not aware.  Performing a backup only takes a minute and could save you quite a bit of aggravation.

Restoring Factory Settings:  Should you encounter a device compatibility issue or any problems installing or uninstalling NVD, please try running NVDRestore.EXE.  This small program will restore the video and touch screen components and the color and font settings to their factory values.  You will find this program in the \Windows folder on the device.  If you can't find it, you can download it.  Click on your processor type ( ARMMIPSSH3 ) to download the correct version.  After the download has finished, copy the EXE directly to your device and run it.
Dowload Software
If you need to download trial software or software that you have previously purchased, click here.

Obtain Registration Codes and Upgrades
If you just purchased a NYDITOT Software Product and you need to obtain a Registration Code to unlock the software OR if you've simply misplaced the original email from us with your Registration Code you can obtain it by clicking here and completing the online form.

This form can also be used to obtain Upgrade Offers for any NYDITOT Products you have purchased in the past.  The cost of the Product Upgrade will depend on the date of your original purchase and may be FREE.

Update Registered Email Address
If you've changed wish to change your registered email address you will need to contact NYDITOT Support.  Please include your current Registered Email Address and your new Registered Email Address in the email.

Update Email Address
Email Support
If you have any questions or comments regarding NYDITOT products or services please let us know by sending an email to support@nyditot.com.  We will try to respond to all questions as quickly as possible.


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Support Forum
You may also visit the NYDITOT Virtual Display Authorized Support Forum at www.pocketnow.com.  We do not monitor this forum as closely as we do email support but you may just find the answer your looking for from one of your peers.
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User's Guide
The answers to many questions may also be found in the NVD User's Guide   This is the same guide that is available on your Pocket PC and the desktop on which you installed NVD.  At the end of the guide is a Frequently Asked Questions section that contains answers to the questions we get asked most often.